About Us

Our Mission

Change the narrative around aging 

Our Why

The older adult population in the United States is one of the most poorly equipped in terms of remaining connected and physically and mentally engaged with society. The adverse effects of social isolation in elderly populations significantly lowers their quality of life and even physical health.


When losing the ability to complete mental and physical activities like calculate a tip or hold a book, it becomes easy for older adults to lose their sense of purpose. This often becomes the tipping point in their health and may lead to the progression of life-ending illnesses.


Aging is thoroughly stigmatized in our society. From wrinkle-free products to sly comments, we unconciously further discourage the idea of aging gracefully. Sadly, these negative stereotypes also correspond with greater physical and cognitive decline as well as increased mortality rates. 

The genuine untouched enthusiasm of young adults and students is unmatched. By bringing a large smile and fun conversations into the lives of older adults who may not have family or friends who check in with them regularly, our volunteers help reduce loneliness.


Students in high school and college are at the verge of exploring their interests and passions. They are actively looking for ways to dive into creating content. Why not let students use their energy to help older adults engage and create? Why not create purpose?


Who is better to promote positive aging than young adults? By interacting with and encouraging the principles of positive aging with our elderly population, our volunteers play a substantial role in supporting and encouraging their corresponding older adults.