Coming Together to Create

We are changing the narrative around aging.

What is Create Circles?

Create Circles is a volunteer-run, elderly care 501(c)(3) non-profit set to address some of the largest challenges for older adult populations like social isolation, negative aging, and cognitive decay. Volunteers in our program provide more than companionship; they create a sense of purpose.

Due to COVID-19, we have started Virtual Visits!

Currently, residents are restricted to the confinements of their rooms and all communal dining and group activities have been cancelled. If anything, seniors are in the worst situation right now. Due to these circumstances, cognitive decay is faster than ever and mental health concerns are skyrocketing for these 


Create Circles is launching a Virtual Visitation platform where we have simplified and streamlined the process of volunteering to promote as many conversations as possible.


Sign up for our Question of the Day

We have created a daily question of the day that will be sent out by email every morning to help older adults engage their mind. Rooted in neuroscience, our question is developed to help strengthen brain health. 

An Equal Challenge for All

Aging does not discriminate

Despite the lack of glamor and the negative stereotypes surrounding aging, it is a topic that must be freely discussed. The aging process can and will effect everyone equally, so there is a great pressure to address the social and systemic challenges associated with aging.

We're All Endangered...

The Demographic Problem

The percent of older adults is rising rapidly. As the average age in the United States increases, it becomes more imperative for us to have a scalable and effective way to take care of our older adult population. This is why we have turned to students.

How We Engage

The Sensation of Creation

For The process of creating and contributing are one of the best ways to provide purpose. But, how can you implement this in individuals who are losing interest and the ability to create? 

By bringing together the energy of students and the minds of older adults, we are empowering older adults to voice their opinions and produce content for society. Together, we are creating a more connected world.


Get in Touch

Interested in becoming a volunteer or would like to team up with Create Circles to help better serve older adults in your organization? Reach out below. We would love to work with you!